September 11, 2001

Following are selected articles and commentaries that have been shared with me via email since the attack occurred. If you have any comments or something to add, please email Paula.

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9/17/01 Melissa Brown

Monday, September 17, 2001 -- The Sad State of Afghanistan
--Unknown source

Take a look at this:, paste this link into your browser and behold the piteous enemy. They have no crops, no forests, no water, no industry. There are 26 million of them with a life expectancy of 46. They have no constitution, no army, no government except for factions and the fanatical self proclaimed Taliban. They have only 100,000 television sets 21,000 phones, almost no paved roads and a measly 26 km of railways, a per capita income of $800 annually. Women cannot vote and the literacy rate among women is 15% and 50% for men. They have existed for 81 years are still too illiterate and factious to form a government. They are religious fanatics because they are the poorest and meanest of peoples, and the one thing they have in abundance is ignorance. Their number one export is opium. The US boycotted the Moscow Olympics because of the Russian occupation of Afghanistan. We protested and ultimately participated in freeing them from occupation, these wretches don't know who the enemy is! Letting the bombs loose on them solves nothing. As hungry as I am for revenge, the reality is the enemy is not a country we can aim our awesome weapons of destruction against. I applaud the President for his restraint. There can be no surgical strike. The governments and wealthy fanatics who conspire to undermine our freedom and way of life need to hunted down and one by one eliminated. They need to be penetrated, undermined and assassinated. No trials- no courts The people of Afghanistan live a mean and horrible existence, they are pawns and have no idea why they hate us. They are too pathetic too bomb to extinction. Bin Ladin knows that and it is part of his plan to force us into action. The fanatics have twisted the facts, there is nothing in the Islamic faith that condones or calls for murder of the innocent. Fools who are led by the charismatic leaders are dangerous enemies, they have no free will and thus are dangerous bullies. Lemmings, who are told what to think and when to think it. We have met that enemy before and we prevailed. Hitler one of the greatest evils in History was destroyed and so will this new enemy suffer. If we choose to level Afghanistan, all of Islam will unite against US, this is exactly what they want. They are watching us to see how we treat our Muslim citizens. As impossible as this seems we need to treat them as citizens and not condemn and persecute unless given reason. No one is more saddened than me over our incalculable losses, I can taste blood and hate that I have those feelings. Dammit I am an American and will not be brought to the level of the enemy. We will win and win decisively.